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Headphones Translation Rentals

T-Mice Service Co., Ltd.

The professional rental supplier of Simultaneous Interpretation System and Interpreter’s Booth, Tour Guide, Conference Microphones of Thailand. T-MICE is a well-known Meeting & Conference Equipment Rental Supplier serving all scales of meeting with our great quality of DIS/Shure Simultaneous Interpretation System which these equipment compliant to International Standard of IEC 61603-7 and ISO 4043 : 1998. We serve and take care all assigned meetings with our well-trained and experienced technicians who show their expertise to many national and international grand meetings. Moreover, T-MICE provide other equipment such as Tour Guide, Voting, Teleprompter and office Automation Machines facilitating meeting organizers to easily, completely and successfully reach their goals.

Simultaneous Interpretation

High quality interpretation equipment from DIS (Danish Interpretation System) and it could be said that T-MICE possesses the largest number of DIS interpretation receivers in Asia both Digital and Analog systems. Moreover, we have two more transmitting systems.

Conference Microphone

DIS Conference Microphone from T-MICE has been chosen by many organizations both state and private sectors to serve their grand and medium meetings. The T-MICE team proudly present these impressive pictures at Past Performance section in this website.

Tour Guide System

For any field trip in plants, factories offices, or even an outdoor tour, to avoid a shout from the speaker and to help visitors receive message, if that field trip needs multi-languages explanation at the same time, the Tour Guide system is strongly recommended.


“Teleprompter” uses a high technology of the transposed letters from special LCD monitor reflects in special-made reflective mirrors to show normal letters for speaker to easily read from. The system can be managed the speed of flowing, upward or downward direction.

Voting System

T-MICE initially bring this high-technology equipment into the market for several years ago which is called “Voting system” and it is highly famous in this field of customers: education, medical meeting, business discussion with the very simple working principle of the system.

Translating System

Translating System "Simultaneous Interpretation System" that we use both UHF, FM and Digital Infrared. The features are the same or different such as UHF (Ultra High Frequency) is a high-frequency radio waves that are used in various communication tools.

T-Mice Service Co., Ltd.

We usually serve all meetings & conferences with our skillful technician trained by the device manufacturer, DIS (Danish Interpretation System). With our high-standard equipment and reliable technicians, many governmental and private sectors have been confident in us for all-sizes of their meetings and conferences held both domestically and internationally.

T-Mice Service Co., Ltd. Tel: 02-8854701,702,704 Fax: 02-8854703 E-mail: t-mice@t-mice.com


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Simultaneous Interpretation System

Completely wireless by using infrared light as a medium to transmit signal to delegates...

Conference Microphone

To support every conference or meeting proceeding successfully and open chances for the delegates to express their opinions.

Tour Guide System

For any field trip in plants, factories offices, or even an outdoor tour, to avoid a shout from the speaker.


“Teleprompter” uses a high technology of the transposed letters from special LCD monitor reflects.

Voting System

The result of the meeting is the most expected factor that all organizers want to achieve.

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