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National Meeting

National Meeting

The Inaugural Ceremony of 35th AIPA 2014, Lao PDR


















3rd Vice Foreign Ministers' Meeting

on East - West Economic Corridor (EWEC) Development



The 11th ASEAN - KOREA FTA Implementing Committee Meeting




The 7th Lower Mekong Initiative Regional Working Group Meeting

And 1st Eminent and Expert Persons Group Meeting



Public Hearing

"To Receive Comments on the Preparation of a Framework for Vocational Education Reform"



LAKSA : Cultural Connectivity Towards Regional Partnership

"26th-27th March 2015 At Grand Southern Hotel, Nakornsrithammarat"



The 2nd Jishuken Joint Conference 2014



The 1st Interfaith Dialogues Leader of Peace in ASEAN Community



International Public Forum : The 2nd IPAF 2014



Connect to Win






จัดทัพ - ปรัปทิศ รับการเปลี่ยนแปลงเศรษฐกิจของจีน



The 11th National Seminar on Infection Control



The 4th Bi-Annual Meeting of the Committee of Senior Officials - IORA






The 3rd Guft of Thailand Maritime Law Enforcement Experts' Workshop



Eastern Lanna Economic Forum 2014



Oil Drilling Company's Training






The 7th ASEAN - China Senior Officials' Meeting






Global Research Briefing 2014



การประชุมสามัญผู้ถือหุ้นประจำปี 2557 บจก. ปิโตรเลียม



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